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Name: Anthony Jerome


Dear Fellow Cat Lover, 

Many people find themselves toying with the idea of getting a pet and decide to set their sights on a cat. The cat might be for themselves, for a loved one, a friend, or for children.

For those who have never owned a cat before, this can be quite a tricky venture. Buying a cat is not as simple as pointing your finger at a cat in the store and saying that you want that one.

Unfortunately many people adopt this method of getting a cat and later find that the cat does not fit into their lifestyle for a variety of reasons. This is why a certain amount of research needs to be done before you decide on what kind of cat that you want and if you want to start out with a kitten or an adult cat. By reading this book you will be provided with the questions that you need to ask yourself in order to decide on what cat is right for you.

Not all cats are the same. Different breeds of cats mean different physical features, different personality trains, and different behaviors. If you are gone from home quite a bit, you don't want to get a cat that craves its owners attention all of the time.

On the flip side, if you are looking for a cat that you can snuggle up to while watching television, you don't want to pick out a cat just to find that they couldn’t care less about being lovey dovey with you. This book will help you to find just the right fit so that both you and your cat are happy.

Having a pet can be a wonderful thing when you two connect. Once you have your feline friend there are sure to be an abundance of questions regarding their feeding habits, grooming, health, vaccinations, and what supplies you will need to have on hand.

Even if you have had a cat before, there are sure to be tips and tricks in this book that will help you understand and deal with behaviors that your cat may be displaying.

This book is basically the Cat 101 on buying and owning a cat, plus there is a helpful chapter that is full of dictionary terms so that you can understand what other cat owners and your veterinarian are talking about, the information in this book is priceless!


Introducing the... 

Cat Owner's Guide Our Cat Owner's Ebook

Ideally before purchasing a puppy or rescuing a cat from a shelter, you would spend a couple of days doing some research on cat care.

Looking after a cat is a must do task if you would like you and your cat to be happy.

There's a great many considerations to consider and some fundamental care to guarantee the well being and happiness of the whole family, including the cat!

I can’t promise that your pet will be another popular cat, but whether you already own a cat and are looking for answers to some of your questions or you are someone who is looking at becoming a first time cat owner, you’re sure to find the answers you need in “The Cat Owners Guide.” 

Whatever your reasons are for owning a cat you will find everything you need to know to get started on the right foot with your new pet.

 Here’s a sample of what’s inside this guide:

 Know The Different Kinds Of Cat Breeds

 How to Choose the Right Cat for You.

 Get Guidelines on Dealing With A Kitten.

 Learn About Different Cat Supplies.

 Learn About Cat Healthy Food And How To Feed Your Cat

 Get General Cat Grooming

 Traveling With Your Feline Friend.

 Know Of the Different Cat Behaviors.

 How to Discipline Your Cat.

 Cat Organization.

 and much, much more! 


And did you know that chocolate is bad for your cat?  Many folks know that, but did you know that it isn’t just bad for your cat, it is actually like POISON to feed your cat chocolate!

Doing research before bringing and animal home is a smart idea; this book has done all the work for you buy combining a variety of topics all into one resource. Don't waste your time searching for answers to your cat questions when you can find everything you need within this one book.

Reasons You Can’t Do Without this Information:

1) Learn how to decide what cat is going to be the best choice for you or whoever the cat is being bought for.

Don't join the thousands of people that end up giving their cat back to the pet store, pawing it off on a friend, or turning it over to the local pet shelter because they are not what you thought they would be. This book shows you what to look for in a cat.

2) Invaluable information for after your decide to buy a cat.

It is so easy to walk into a pet store and begin to buy one of everything for your new feline companion. This book shows readers what they will need for your new addition without spending a fortune buying the items that aren't necessary.

You will learn what to feed your cat, how to feed your cat, how to groom your cat, how to discipline your cat, how to travel with your cat, how to understand those quirky behaviors that your cat may demonstrate, and how to keep your cat healthy. 


"Look At What My Previous Customers Say About Investing In My eBook!"


"I Highly Recommend This Guide"

Hi Anthony,

I wanted to take a moment of your time to thank you for your cat owners guide. As a cat lover and owner myself I highly recommend this guide because it gives you all the details on how to be a good cat owner.

The knowledge I've gotten from your guide has helped me to have a better relationship with my cat and in turn have a fulfilled life.

I'm now able to prepare delicious meals for my cat and his enjoying each and every meal. I'm now working on potty training him.

Ever since I started taking extra care of him I just can not seem to stop finding humor in his behavior. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me guidelines on keeping my friend happy and healthy."


 All the best!

Olga Vouilloz


"The Traders Cat Care Manual"

I just first want to thank you for your quick reply to my email.  And thanks to your handbook and your extra help I've now found a perfect cat for me and I'm able to control my full energy cat.

As a trader on wall street, I have no time for friends and social gatherings and hence my psychologist recommended that I find cat and hence I have TEX.

I had no idea on what type of cat would suit me or how to take care of one. Your this guide helped a lot and now TEX has become a very important part of my life.

Your ebook has all the information I needed in owning a cat. I can quickly see when he is not feeling well and if I should take him to the vet. I wouldn't have wanted more for the health and wellness for my cat. 

Your ebook is the best! Thank you - and God Bless!


Curtis Ribeiro


 "An Email To Thank You"

Hello Anthony,

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you on helping me better my cats health, well actually your ebook did that.

I've always loved cats and had about 2 cats pass away in the past due to different illnesses which really hurt me a lot. I now own "Penny" who I love with all my heart and don't want any illness to catch up with him.

When I got this cat 2 weeks back he wasn't on the best of health. I then searched online for information on to take care of a cat then I came across your ebook.

Your ebook has helped me to become a real cat owner and proper care for my cat. My cat is now gaining weight and looks healthy and happy day after day.

With your ebook as my reference I know I've got a guide that will help me be the best cat owner I can possibly be.


 Thank you again!

Jeannie Barko

Once you have read the book and decided on what type or breed of cat to get, you will find all the information that you need on how to become prepared for your new addition to your home. In reality, buying a pet of any kind is a major purchase because it is not only affecting your life but also the life of that cat.

This book will help you to know what items are necessary for your cat to feel comfortable in its new home, how to feed your new cat, and how to deal with many of its behaviors. Many who decide to buy a kitten find themselves completely unprepared once they get them home, this book will help to prepare you in advance so that you will be able to transition smoothly as your kitten grows into a full grown, adult cat.

But once you decide to get your copy today you will also receive these following bonus guides...


Free Bonus #1 

Training A Cat

How To Train Your Cat (With Audio)

Cats are animals. Humans are animals as well but supposedly of a higher order.

In order to live together in a companionable and happy relationship there are some things that your cat needs to learn.

Owning an animal of any sort should be more pleasure than pain, but there will be considerable pain if the animal is in control of the household.

So what is the basic training your cat needs, to establish a happy relationship in the family?

It’s imperative to find a training method that is easy for you so that it makes the task less daunting. Well, Cat Training is just for you.

Cat Training is an in depth interview with cat training expert Howard Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein is an author, columnist, Cat Training Expert as well as cat Behavior Consultant.

Who better to learn about training your cat from?

With Cat Training, you’ll gain access to all of Mr. Weinstein’s valuable knowledge without the high fees of dealing with a cat trainer or obedience school!

Not only will Cat Training end the constant struggle training can be but it will also make the training a fun and enjoyable experience for you as well.

Yes that’s right... it will actually make training fun!

Cat Training incorporates a worry-free training system full of tips and advice. You’ll be amazed at just how simple Mr. Weinstein’s methods are to utilize!

Just by listening to Cat Training, your eyes will be opened to the fact that training a cat no longer needs to be a challenge! Instead it can be an afternoon full of quality time with your cat.


Free Bonus #2

Home Made Cat Treats

100 Recipes For Your Feline Friend

To keep your cat healthy a majority of time, all you really need to do is give him good shelter, food, and plenty of water. 

Like other living things however, cats can get sick from time to time no matter what you do. 

As a cat owner, you’ll want to ensure that you feed your cat only the best. 

Premium cat food is the ideal for cats, as the food is designed to keep your pet happy and healthy. 

If you take care of your cat, chances are you’ll keep him healthy for years to come.  Be sure he has quality food.

With Home Made Cat treats you will get 100 healthy homemade cat recipes that you can easily prepare for your cat. These recipes are good for your cat and will give him the proper diet.


There is a wealth of information in this ebook that you will be able to refer to in years to come. There is information on feeding habits for your feline, how to groom your cat, how to travel with your cat, how to understand your cat, and how to discipline your cat.

What's really great is that each chapter contains many tricks and suggestions that might make life a little easier for you and your cat, especially if this is the first time you have ever owned a pet of the feline persuasion.


How Much Is This Resource Worth To You?

Cats are one of our best choices, when looking at a pet. They give us unconditional love and are a devoted companion. It is as a must to arm ourselves as cat owner's with the best information that is out there, to help keep our beloved friend save and healthy. 

You could spend a lot of time and a lot of money finding this information yourself. You could surf the internet or buy a different ebook, but why would you want to when we’re offering you everything you need to know for just $167? It’s a huge bargain when you think about it! But if you order today you will receive this ebook guide for only $29.95

You've never seen such a good offer, right? But to make you even more comfortable about your investment, I'll offer you my....


My Huge, Risk-Free 3-Month, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If in 3 months the guidelines in my ebook don't help you become a proud cat owner simply send me an email and I'll cheerfully refund 100% your money.

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"Don't Buy a Cat That Doesn't Fit Into your Home, Your Lifestyle, and Your Schedule"

One of the main reasons that animal shelters and rescue shelters are so packed with animals is because people take on more than they bargained for when they get a pet without doing the proper research on that particular breed beforehand.

This book gives readers insight as to the common breeds of cat that many people find themselves quite happy with, and what criteria should determine what kind of feline companion that you should be looking for.

Without this information you are taking a risk at getting a cat that you are not happy with and sending it to a pet shelter or being stuck with that cat for the rest of its life because you are too guilty to get rid of it.

This doesn't have to be your reality, this book offers you all the information you need in order to determine what type of cat is going to work best with you. It also contains chapters of useful information that will help you care for your cat after your decide what you want.

Why spend hours searching all over the internet or through dozens of books when you can find all the information that you are looking for in one resource. 


"Excellent Cat Care Ebook"

Greetings Sir,

I just have to congratulate you on this excellent cat care handbook. I wish that every cat owner can have a copy of your guide. 

As animal cruel activist I feel that such information on how to take good care of animals such be made mandatory by the Federal Government.

It is a sad fact that some people simple lack the know how on animal care and their cats become the victims of their lack of knowledge.

Your guide is a must have for all cat lovers and animal lovers out there because it covers all that should be known on healthy cat care.

Keep up your good work!

 Chris Lambot


Keeping your cat healthy is one of the best ways to enjoy life with your cat. Their health should never be neglected or forgotten. Finding the right information is the key to keeping your cat happy and adding a number of years to their life.

People who would like to buy cats surely should be aware of the ways of handling cats. Download Your Personal Copy of ‘The Cat Owners Guide' and Start Applying this Knowledge Today! 


 Today Only $29.97

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Best Regards,


Author of The Cat Owners Guide

P.S. If you already have your pet and are looking for the tips you need to help in caring for your cat ‘The Cat Owners Guide’ is sure to answer your questions and we guarantee it!

P.P.S. Though you might commit mistakes and there could be instability in your approach it is always helpful to train your cat yourself as it gives you a better chance of establishing that significant contact or communication between you and your cat. 

You will gradually understand how your cat is reacting to any particular situation or what cause them to do a specific action. On the contrary, appointing a skilled person gives you immediate results but does not allow you to experience the “trial and error” method possible when training personally, which can be useful at some point of time.

"The Next Step Is Yours"! If you want to know everything about caring for your cat then don't let this ebook pass you by. Simple click below and add this guide to your cart. Stop searching for incomplete information about caring for your cat by getting your copy today!


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I understand that this ebook guide will help me take special care of my cat so my cat lives a long healthy life.

And I understand that by making a one time investment I will receive the following cat care ebooks:

The Cat Owner's Guide - Which is a 33 page ebook that will give all the important things I need to know on taking care of my cats health and wellbeing so we have long lasting memories.

Cat Training - Which is a page 20 page ebook that will help me train my cat to do good habits and stop bad ones.

Home Made Cat Treats - Which is a 39 page ebook that will guide me on how to properly diet my cat and give good nutrition thus helping me save a lot of money by visiting the vet.


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